• Piano player, singer, songwriter, educator, inventor, influencer
  • 25 years teaching experience
  • 30,000 followers on TikTok

Hi! I'm Martin Finn

I believe that learning music is like having a series of mini revelations

My lessons are designed to inspire these revelations in you!



Understand how patterns such as scales chords and melodies can be moved up and down on a piano. You can downlad my finger guides ar https://stan.store/martinfinnmusic or at https://pensight.com/x/martinfinnmusic #easypianoscales #howtoplaythepiano #pianoforbeginners #pianoguides #pianoscalefingering #correctpianofingering

♬ original sound - 🎹Martin Finn Piano
I'm 45. A professional performer and musical educator. Why the hell am I seeing this for the first time?
- Albert Corrigan
Best piano teacher on TikTok.. by a mile!
- Annie Dorgan
Been playing bass for 20 years. Have avoided music theory the whole time. This just absolutely blew my mind!
- Marc Murphy
Can't be that simple. Whaaattt??!!
- Bonnie Ellis


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